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Quality Assurance

Providing high quality clinical services that safeguard client well-being and exceed client expectations.
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Ensuring quality and best practice

We always follow the MSI approach, using evidence to guide our decisions.

This includes sharing over 40 years of technical expertise within our sector and with our partners.

Clinical quality

Our clinical standards are led by our quality assurance teams and continuously monitored by our parent organisation, MSI Reproductive Choices.

We carry out on-the-job training, mentoring and assessment against global standards and are supported by annual visits from our international quality assurance team.

This results in continuous monitoring and improvement of the quality of our clinical services to better service our clients.

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Using evidence to guide decisions

Through our work gather quantitative and qualitative data. We use this data to:

– Evaluate and improve how we deliver our services
– Understand who our clients are and where unmet need for reproductive, child and family planning services is highest
– Assess how we can reach more poor and vulnerable people
– Gather evidence to support advocacy for increasing access to reproductive and family planning and health care services
– Prove our impact and ensure accountability and transparency for our donors and partners.

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