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About MSI Afghanistan

Providing our clients with a comfortable, convenient and reassuring experience wherever and whenever they visit us.
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Serving the women and families of Afghanistan

MSI Afghanistan was established in 2002 as a branch of MSI Reproductive Choices (MSI), a global, non-profit and non-governmental organization.

Healthy mothers, healthy children

Our mission is to improve Afghan women’s health and wellbeing so that they can in turn build strong, healthy families.

Through a range of service delivery approaches, MSIA has built a strong reputation for consistently delivering high quality essential reproductive health services. In addition to our own sites, we support a network of private clinics and public sector facilities, to ensure their teams are trained to deliver a full range of essential women’s health service and birth spacing options. We now reach more clients than ever before. We’re embedded within the communities where we work, providing orientations and sharing information to ensure everyone understands the importance of our services in building healthy, strong families and communities.

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The MSI approach

MSI Afghanistan is proud to be part of MSI Reproductive Choices who are dedicated to providing reproductive health and family planning services to the underserved populations worldwide.

Starting from a single clinic in London, the organisation has grown to become one of the world’s largest providers of high quality, affordable family planning services. MSI’s quality clinical standards and best practice services are shared globally, currently across 37 countries, and developed in partnership with in-country quality assurance teams. Providing a positive and empowering client experience is core to who we are, as MSI. We listen, design with, and are fully responsive to our clients and providers.

MSI has been providing women with choice for 40 years, reaching over 100 million clients worldwide. We are proud to be a part of that journey!